Media Management

Our Nexus Ad Management Suite is our solution for building and maintaining ad insertion schedules and campaigns across regions, venues, or even individual players. The suite consists of snap-in components for Sales, Asset Maintenace, Operations Control, Ad Scheduling, Playout Verification, and Client Billing. All of the components are Web-aware, allowing you to manage all of your assets from any web-based location.

Our Ad Scheduler allows you to edit and view ad media, drag-and-drop ad thumbnails into a schedule up to a year in advance, automatically resolve conflicts between competing ad types, and assign ads/campaigns to any demographic within your deployment footprint with ease..



Schedule Maintenance/Trafficking

The POS AdManager Software is our proprietary software package designed to address your daily ad management tasks. It operates exclusively with our unique POS-ADS hardware. The POS AdManager Software is designed to ease the tedious tasks of updating, tracking, and scheduling your ads on our ad servers, automatically generating invoices and audit records as needed. The AdManager Scheduler allows you to create ad campaigns by simply dragging and dropping ad copy onto a timeline, and has the ability to autofill gaps in the timeline with PSAs and other fillers that you specify. The POS AdManager can produce a comprehensive series of reports as well.


Third Party Verification

Compatible with all satellite, cable, and off-the-air signals, this innovative patent-pending technology can provide valuable metrics of ad performance to media buyers, ad agencies, carriers, and networks. The Media AdAuditor is an essential tool for independent, third-party auditing of ad placement and coverage. Coupled with viewer demographic data obtained from Nielsen or secondary sources, this system can help to generate a true and meaningful indicator of ad value and effectiveness.



Services List

TVPOS's service value added and integrated service offerings include:
    • Design & Engineering
    • Technology Consulting
    • SMS Mobile campaigns
    • JOIN Keyword TO Action
  • Programming Duplication
    • Project Management
  • Application Distribution
    • Download application pages
  • Customer Support Team
  • Fulfillment/Distribution
  • Nationwide Installation and Service
  • Service Technicians
  • Affidavits for proof of performance
All Services

Installation Warranty

  • TVPOS provides comprehensive installation warranty service covering equipment and system installation. Contact TVPOS to speak with one of our customer service specialists for complete details.

  • At TVPOS, our expert installation and service are as important as the products we offer.

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Service Menu Standards

TVPOS's service menu of value-added services streamline the customer's procurement process, reduces operating costs, and leverages TVPOS's integrated solutions systems. Our single-source business model enables us to move from concept/design to final installation and maintenance in a short time frame.

TVPOS's service value added and integrated service offerings include: Design & Engineering; Technology Consulting; Programming Duplication; Project Management; Procurement; Customer Support Teams; Fulfillment/Distribution; Nationwide Installation and Service; Service Technicians

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