What message would you like to send to your best customers?

You've spent a lot of time and energy attracting customers, enticing them to enter your place of business. Some of them might be spending part of their the day with you, waiting for service, dining, or wandering the aisles of your store. Now that they're in your place of business, they are by definition your best customers, and you now have a great opportunity to engage with them further, increasing satisfaction for them and sales or reputation for you. Whether you would like to entertain them while they wait, keep them updated on the progress of their service, or stimulate their appetites, digital signage is a great way to get their attention.

Transform your waiting-room entertainment system into a message center and sales tool with the TVPOS OSD signage system! While a waiting customer does little more than watch the live television programming you already provide in your business, he or she can be entertained, educated, informed, and engaged as well.

The TVPOS OSD application enables you to decide what, when, where, how, and how often to engage your customers. A sensible layout with visual impact and visual elements of interest to your customers all help to get your message across. Service status, the current time, informative videos, and weather updates can be combined with reminders concerning your brand, products, and services.

Any screen layout you can conceive of is possible with the TVPOS OSD2 digital signage system. The OSD2 is the first signage system to fully employ HTML, the language of the Internet, as the design language for our screens. By defining the screen using HTML and by specifying and scheduling media using XML, creating a signage layout for your unique application is as flexible and intuitive as web page design. That's not to say that designing an effective display doesn't require skill, but the tools used to realize your design goals are well known and readily available. We can customize the layout for you, or your web staff can do it under your direction.

Any combination of Flash banners, horizontal and vertical crawls, animation, photos, and video can be placed on the display, and prebuilt "widgets" and apps can be integrated into the layout as well. Widgets are available to display the time in creative formats, the current and forecast weather, status updates, scrolling messages, news, branding, product promotion... you name it! And if a widget doesn't yet exist for your needs, we'll create it!

The performance, flexibility, and convenience of the TVPOS OSD2 make this an extraordinary value-adding marketing tool for your business.

Live OSD2 HD Demos

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